Frequenty asked questions

Why Elementum?

Limiting data in Snowflake to insight generation is like having a Ferrari stuck in first gear. Unlock Snowflake’s true power by using data to to run operations – not just analytics.

Elementum is a lightweight, no-code, and highly-configurable process automation platform native to Snowflake. Its Data Driven Workflows turn static Snowflake data into triggers that automatically initiate and execute automations. This strategy eliminates reliance on IT and other technical resources by empowering data teams and business users to quickly link existing data tables in Snowflake, layer apps, and refine business processes autonomously.

How does Elementum connect to Snowflake?

Elementum’s proprietary Cloud Link technology connects natively to Snowflake via a JDBC connector. Just grant Elementum user permission, create credentials, select tables, and set mappings. Your data then becomes immediately accessible in Elementum in real-time.

Does the Elementum Connected App operate entirely in Snowflake?

Yes! Elementum operates natively in Snowflake, making it faster, more cost-effective, and more secure than legacy workflow platforms. All consumption generated by Elementum’s Data Driven Workflows occurs within the customer’s Snowflake AI data cloud.

How does Elementum maintain security and data governance models?

Elementum uses its Cloud Link technology to ensure data integrity, automatically inheriting Snowflake security and governance structures. Cloud Link provides an extra layer of security by only requiring view-only permissions to Snowflake data – Elementum never has direct access to it.

Do you have Native App on the Snowflake Marketplace?

Yes! Elementum’s Native App for Software License Management, License Patrol, was co-developed by Snowflake. Its specifically designed to quickly identify and reclaim unused software licenses. License Patrol is available for a free trial on the Snowflake Marketplace.

Does Elementum come with pre-built workflows tailored to specific industries or use cases?

Yes! Elementum comes with a library of over 50 pre-built workflow apps for popular use cases like sales enablement, vendor onboarding, inventory management, software license management, new product introduction, risk management, and more.

How customizable are Elementum’s apps and automations?

Elementum’s pre-built apps are all no-code and highly customizable: Adjust fields, labels, or process stages to fit your unique business requirements. Elementum also allows flexibility in rule creation for action triggers. Opt from a diverse library of heuristic or ML-based data models, or create your own with AI-enabled text prompts.

How does Elementum’s pricing structure work?

Elementum offers a consumption-based pricing model – same as Snowflake. Only pay for what you use.

What’s the implementation timeline like?

Since there are no integrations (the data is already in Snowflake), Elementum offers a streamlined implementation process. Prior to kickoff, Elementum will design a basic process flow based on conversations with the customer. Final configuration and deployment take just one day, usually completed in an on-site workshop, followed by a security review that usually spans 1-2 weeks depending on the industry. Governance and compliance controls are inherited directly from Snowflake. There are no professional services fees. Typically, members of the data and business teams serve as part-time admins.

Does “Workflow” refer to importing data into Snowflake?

No, Elementum’s workflows are separate from data ingestion workflows. When we talk “workflow,” we’re referring to user-facing business applications.

Are you a consulting company?

No, Elementum provides software as a service for process automation. However, our team does have a variety of subject matter experts to help design and build workflows across industries and functions.