Deliver Results, Not Dashboards

Go beyond insights with AI-powered process automation. Get started quickly with 100% payback guaranteed in 30-days or less.

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AI-Powered Automation for Every Sector

Use your industry-specific data to solve your industry-specific problems.

  • Built-in data models for ML and LLMs
  • 100s of Industry-specific use cases
  • ROI calculators to measure dollar impact
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Strategic Automation

Replace manual, reactive tasks with proactive, fully-automated action.

AI Driven Workflows deliver closed-loop automations with rETL or API-out commands to source systems.

  • Save time and reduce human errors
  • Increase visibility and accountability
  • Quickly drive adoption

Activate your data to its fullest potential.

Elementum offers turnkey access to AI-powered solutions that fit seamlessly into your business.

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Financial Services

Turn Data into Dollars

Elementum gives financial institutions the tools they need to improve client outcomes, minimize operational overhead, and manage risk.

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Keep Customers Buying

Automatically adapt to market changes, deliver on-time, and eliminate waste.

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Healthcare / Life Sciences

Deliver Faster Outcomes

Focus on care, not administration by automating processes from supply chain to patient care.

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Keep Lines Moving

Increase production, strengthen supplier relationships, and reduce defects in one platform.

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Operate at Startup Speed

Grow big without slowing down by using your data to streamline operations.

Self Ownership

Business-Friendly AI/ML

Not sure which model is right for you? No, problem. We’ll help you configure your processes for the best results.

Software Management

Reduce spend and optimize your software portfolio based on industry best practices and actual usage data.

Vendor Onboarding

Go from months to hours by cutting-out the middlemen with automated RFPs and compliance checks and dynamic escalations and approvals.

Product Launches

Stop using spreadsheets to manage go-to-market workflows. Collaborate with stakeholders in one location, and use your data to automate next steps, corrections, and escalations.

Upsell/Cross-Sell Detection

Actively track product engagement metrics to identify opportunities for targeted customer activation plays.

Cash Flow Consolidation

Don’t operate with a 30-day lag. Automate your cash flow rollups to proactively identify deviations from plan and track corrective actions.

Manufacturing Exceptions

Detect performance anomalies to prevent equipment failures before they happen and improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Activate Your Data

Start with any data set for any function. We’ll show you how.

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