Action Your Data, Make Work Flow

AI Driven Workflows automate business processes directly from your Data Cloud. For the first time, data isn’t just for insights. It can actively run your business.

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Data - not people - initiates processes

Data mining uncovers patterns in datasets in real-time, instantly initiating a workflow.

  • Missed forecasts and SLAs
  • Exceptions and anomalies
  • Custom, in-house built models
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Data executes processes - start to finish

AI Driven Workflows deliver closed-loop automations with rETL or API-out commands to source systems.

  • Submit a late payment claim in Arriba
  • Update planned lead times in SAP
  • Revoke a software license in Okta

Any task, any process, any model.

Elementum is the fastest way to integrate ML models into your workflows, no expertise or complex setup required.

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Large Language Models

Trained & Tailored

Use pre-trained LLMs to direct and manage your workflows: Private (Llama 2) or Public (OpenAI).

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Anomaly Detection

Detect & Manage

Proactively identify exceptions in large datasets, auto-initiate corrective actions.

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Plan & Optimize

Automatically adjust plans as actual results deviate from forecast.

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Recognize & Relate

Identify and categorize data into predefined classes or labels based on patterns.

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Build & Connect

Apply your own ML models designed for specific use cases or unique data sets.

Self Ownership

100% Payback in 30 Days

Activate your data to solve real world problems, autonomously.


Close faster, drive usage, and reduce churn by automating tasks across the entire customer lifecycle, from land to expand.


Streamline day-to-day FP&A tasks. Automate audits, resolve AP exceptions, and simplify claims disputes with Elementum.

Human Resources

Automate employee request management, leave and attendance tracking, on-boarding and more!


Streamline procure-to-pay workflows, strengthen supplier relationships and cut costs in a single platform.

Supply Chain

Save cash and protect revenue by proactively managing inventory levels, late shipments, unexpected disruptions, and more.


Scale production without losing visibility or control by automating quality assurance and equipment management workflows.

Activate Your Data

Start with any data set for any function. We’ll show you how.

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