Operate at Startup Speed

Growing big doesn't mean slowing down. Cut through the red tape by using your data to instantly automate any business process.

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Quick to Start

Get Started in Hours, Not Quarters

Set up and configure Elementum without engineering resources. Our no-code, zero-ETL platform enables you to:

  • Go live in under 24 hours.
  • Access 100s of pre-built workflows
  • Realize 100% payback in 30 days or less
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Easy to Manage

Make AI Work for You, Not the Other Way Around

Leverage AI, ML, and LLMs without data science expertise or complex infrastructure. With Elementum, you can:

  • Use built-in models, third-party models, or bring your own
  • Turn data into intelligent action instantly
  • Use pre-trained LLMs to run your workflows

AI Driven Workflows for Big (or Small) Tech

Elementum is the fastest, easiest way to automate any business process.

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Accelerate Sales Cycles

Proactively manage opportunities at risk and deviations from forecast in order to accelerate revenue growth and improve customer satisfaction.

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Engage and Optimize

Use contextually aware LLMs to tailor user experiences, automate campaigns, and streamline fulfillment to provide better customer experiences.

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Streamline Product Launches

Stop using spreadsheets to manage go-to-market workflows. Collaborate with stakeholders in one location, and use your data to automate next steps, corrections, and escalations.

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Scale Efficiently

Automate user provisioning, billing, and performance monitoring to efficiently scale your offerings.

Self Ownership

Accelerate Vendor Onboarding

Go from months to hours by cutting-out the middlemen with automated RFPs and compliance checks and dynamic escalations and approvals.

Simplify Team Member Requests

Automate team member requests to accelerate approvals and minimize delays to ensure Sales has optimal support to progress opportunities and close deals.

Human Resources

Automate employee request management, leave and attendance tracking, recruiting, on-boarding and more!

Consolidate Cash Flow

Automate your cash flow rollups to proactively identify deviations from plan and track corrective actions.

Identify Shadow Spend

Automatically classify spend, validate categories, and identify shadow and duplicate spend. Mitigate risks and optimize costs.

Streamline Manufacturing

Automate quality assurance and equipment management to detect anomalies, improve effectiveness, and scale production.

Activate Your Data

Start with any data set for any function. We’ll show you how.

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