Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data Cloud

Elementum's marketplace offers a curated collection of pre-built automations that drive tangible business value across your organization.

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Quick to Start

Go From Zero to Automation in Minutes

Select, customize, and deploy automations without any coding.

  • Point-and-click setup for rapid deployment
  • No engineering resources required
  • Plug-and-play AI/ML/LLM models, powered by your data
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Easy to Manage

Quickly Drive Business Impact

Activate the dormant data in your Data Cloud and put it to work for your business.

  • Automate key processes across departments
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce manual work
  • Turn previously untapped data into results

Automations for Every Business Need

Discover a small sample of the 80+ pre-built apps designed to streamline workflows and drive results.

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Excess Inventory

Proactive Inventory Management

Maximize cash flow and minimize carrying costs with optimal stock levels.

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Request for Proposal

Simplify Vendor Management

Automate RF creation, evaluation, and selection

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Contract Renewals

Automate Contract Renewals

Ensure compliance, consolidate redundancies, and never miss a critical deadline again.

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Financial Audit

Automate Audit Processes

Assign and track compliance tasks effortlessly, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

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Forecast at Risk

Predict Revenue Risk

Proactively identify at-risk opportunities and take action to improve forecast accuracy.

Self Ownership

Why Elementum?

Discover how Elementum empowers your organization to drive business value, automate processes, and make the most of your data.

Get Started Fast

Go live in days with 100% no-code setup.

Tap Into Unused Data

Realize the value of your data initiatives by using data to automate business processes.

Flexible Architecture

Leverage any AI/ML model to avoid lock-in and quickly adopt the latest advancements in the field.

Zero ETL

Keep your data in one page and eliminate the need for complex integrations, costly data movement, and potential security risks.

Self-Serve for Business Team

Empower process owners to build their own workflows.

Quick Time-to-Value

Extract value from your existing Snowflake data within the first month.

Activate Your Data

Start with any data set for any function. We’ll show you how.

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