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AI driven workflows

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Why Elementum?

AI. Driven. Workflows.

The only workflow automation platform built to operate virtually within modern data clouds. Instantly action your data with turnkey, AI-powered solutions for every industry.

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Directly Connected

Automate any Business Process in Seconds

Instantly automate any business process without moving data: No integrations, no APIs, no waiting.

  • Zero Deploy Time
  • No-Code Setup and Configuration
  • Pre-Built, Customizable Template Library
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Intelligently Automated

Fully-integrated AI/ML

Easily embed advanced data models into your workflows without expertise or complex MLOps infrastructure.

  • Out-of-the-Box or In-House ML Models
  • Drag-and-Drop AI Components
  • Private, Contextually-Aware LLMs

Client Testimonials

Elementum is trusted by the world's leading companies and brands.

Using Elementum, we’ve decreased our incident resolution time by 60 percent The overall result is that we’ve increased on-time delivery, saved revenue, and increased customer satisfaction.
Chris Peri

Chris Peri

GCC, Supply Chain Manager

Elementum offers a very powerful value proposition for companies like ours, who are looking to future-proof their operations.
Jim Rowan

Jim Rowan

Dyson, Former Chief Executive Officer

Starbucks is finding it effective to centrally manage operational incidents through Elementum. I know who on my team is accountable for managing them; and I know exactly what to tell customers and stakeholders. This is especially helpful as partners are working remotely.
Kelly Bengston

Kelly Bengston

Starbucks, SVP of Global Sourcing & Chief Procurement Officer

Data Leaders need to move beyond insights and start prioritizing automation. Elementum makes it especially easy with data driven workflows.
Danielle Crop

Danielle Crop

Albertsons & American Express, Former Chief Data Officer

When it comes to the supply chain, it’s all about how quickly a company can take action. With Elementum's real-time insights, our supply chain will be able to react immediately, instead of waiting weeks or months after a problem arises.
Cheryl Capps

Cheryl Capps

Corning, Former SVP of Global Supply Chain

The number one benefit we’re getting out of Elementum is accountability-- it is very clear who owns the next step in the resolution of customer issues caused by over, short or damaged orders.
Cari Talbot

Cari Talbot

Kens, Senior Director of Supply Chain

Go from zero to adoption in no time.

Elementum is the fastest way to automate modern business processes.

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Visualize & Go

Recreate business processes by prompt or by hand. If you can see it, you can automate it.

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Transform & Amplify

Supercharge any process with out-of-the-box AI, ML, and LLMs.

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Select & Personalize

Choose from 100s of pre-built apps, or build your own from scratch. No coding required.

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Secure & Govern

Auto-inherit all security and governance from your data cloud. No data transfers.

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Optimize & Monetize

Quantify and track the value of every process automation.

Self Ownership

Zero-Friction, Real Results.

Instantly activate your data with turnkey, AI-powered solutions for every industry.

Quick to Deploy

Go-live in seconds without engineering resources.

Easy to Activate

Access advanced ML models without in-house expertise.

Immediately Impactful

Track the dollar value of every automation as you go.

Activate Your Data

Start with any data set for any function. We’ll show you how.

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