Actionable AI

Use AI to Run Your Business Process Autonomously

Uncover hidden insights in your Snowflake data and turn them into automated business outcomes.

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Smart Triggers

Eliminate the time between insight and action

Elementum activates your data by using it to instantly initiate business processes directly from your Data Cloud.

  • Detect anomalies, forecast variances, and changing sentiment
  • Process, classify, and categorize unstructured data (invoices, POs, CSVs)
  • Trigger workflows based on identified patterns and insights
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Flexible Architecture

Operationalize AI for Business Impact

Elementum allows teams to leverage any AI/ML/LLM model to extract insights and drive workflows.

  • Work with Snowflake Cortex, custom models, or open-source LLMs
  • Deploy AI-powered solutions without data science expertise or heavy infrastructure
  • Quickly test AI/ML effectiveness and tie it to business value

Any task, any process, any model.

Elementum is the fastest way to integrate ML models into your workflows, no expertise or complex setup required.

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Large Language Models

Trained & Tailored

Use pre-trained LLMs to direct and manage your workflows: Private (Llama 3), Public (OpenAI), or leverage your own.

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Anomaly Detection

Detect & Manage

Proactively identify exceptions in large datasets and auto-initiate corrective actions.

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Plan & Optimize

Automatically adjust plans as actual results deviate from the forecast.

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Recognize & Relate

Identify and categorize data into predefined classes or labels based on patterns.

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Build & Connect

Apply your own ML models designed for specific use cases or unique data sets.

Self Ownership

Why Elementum?

Discover how Elementum empowers your organization to drive business value, automate processes, and make the most of your data.

Get Started Fast

Go live in days with 100% no-code setup.

Tap into Unused Data

Realize the value of your data initiatives by using data to automate business processes.

Flexible Architecture

Leverage any AI/ML model to avoid lock-in and quickly adopt the latest advancements in the field.

Zero ETL

Keep your data in one page and eliminate the need for complex integrations, costly data movement, and potential security risks.

Self-Serve for Business Team

Empower process owners to build their own workflows.

Quick Time-to-Value

Extract value from your existing Snowflake data within the first month.

Activate Your Data

Start with any data set for any function. We’ll show you how.

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